Our Fees

We understand that clients are concerned about the cost of legal services. While there are many creative ways to attempt to remove some of the uncertainty from litigation costs, we believe that ultimately the problem is not with the billable hour model, but with the bill. That is why our hourly rates across the board range from approximately one-half to two-thirds of those typically charged by large commercial firms. For those clients preferring greater certainty to their legal costs, Paris & Company also offers a range of flat fee options. 

But lower fees are only one way in which we can help you manage litigation-related costs. Predictability is important as well. While we will never be able to predict exactly how much a litigation matter will cost, we can discuss the likely course of the litigation and provide a general idea or range of expected fees and costs based upon certain assumptions.  

If you have any questions about our fees or how Paris & Company can help you reduce business litigation expenses, please contact us at 416-304-1717, or email us at inquiries@parislaw.ca.