Our Approach to Litigation

We recognize that some cases can only be resolved in Court. In cases like these, we have the experience and skills required to provide your business with first class representation at trial through to appeal.

Most cases, however, settle. For those cases, we pursue our client’s objectives by applying well thought out strategies from the very outset of our retainer. Depending on the type of case, these strategies can be designed to achieve a range of outcomes — from an early and cost-effective resolution of a matter through a well-timed motion — to a complex settlement agreement achieved through mediation. Whatever your objective, we have the expertise to guide you through the litigation process so you can make informed choices at every stage.

We believe that lower rates do more than simply reduce legal expenses — they also afford flexibility, and open the door to a wide variety of legal strategies that may not have been otherwise available. While litigation is always expensive, access to high quality, cost effective representation provides businesses of all shapes and sizes with an important competitive advantage.